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Phancy Snack Box

To Share. To Snack.

We partnered with "Phancy Bodega" to curate this snack box because we love what they're about. Good Local Food.  Please enjoy these wonderful snacks and send some love over to Phancy Bodega

Phancy's is a sister company to Phancy Food & Catering. Over the course of 2020 we've been constantly pivoting our business and have been dreaming of a place where people can discover the bounty of unique local products made in this city, province and country. We believe that the future of shopping is online, and that we can alter that experience to be personable, stimulating, and a resource for learning about local producers and recipe ideas.

Snack Box.jpg

If you haven't reserved your "Phancy Snack Box" yet, you can get it in your VIP pass or A La Carte until September 24th. 

The Snacks

Flavours may be different than pictured.

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