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Submit your unique perspectives on food.

Toronto Food Film Fest, in partnership with Rolling Pictures and Sim, are inviting filmmakers from across Canada to showcase their unique perspectives on food. We are looking for standalone, immersive and 15 minutes or under, intended for digital and theatrical audiences. Productions must be produced and delivered within 8 months or less, with filmmakers adhering to all local and national COVID-19 safety guidelines. 

We encourage all new filmmakers and underrepresented groups to apply. 

What are we looking for?

  • Focused and fresh ideas that will stand out.

  • Elevate boundaries in storytelling

  • Pitches that help us meet TFFF's mandate.

  • innovative, original Canadian storytelling, including scripted comedies and dramas, unscripted entertainment, kids and young adult programming, and short documentaries.

  • Film must be intended for a short film 15 minutes or under

  • Producer and filmmakers must be Canadian.

What are we not looking for?

  • Pitches that rely on copyrighted music are not possible due to rights issues

  • Ideas that are better told as a series.

Submission Details

Submission Period: October 1, 2021 - December 3, 2021

Submission Fee: Free

Winner announced by: January 14, 2022

(1) Please deliver your short film pitch by completing the designated entry form in order to be considered. The elements listed below must be included in the pitch.


(2) We will notify all applicants about the results by January 14, 2022. 


(3) We can only accept original pitches that do not infringe on the copyrights or intellectual property rights of any third parties, engage in defamation, or infringe privacy rights.


(4) The selection process will be carried out at the discretion of the organizers and may not be disputed by applicants.


(5) Productions must be produced and delivered within 8 months or less, with filmmakers adhering to all local and national COVID-19 safety guidelines.


(6) For inquiries relating to the entry guidelines, please contact us at


(7) Personal details submitted in the entry process will be used by the competition organizers to contact entrants with information regarding the competition.


(8) Winner will receive a value of $7000 CAD in equipment rentals and post services from Sim and Rolling Pictures. Terms and conditions apply.

Judging Process

The winning project will be selected by a jury of select industry experts and representatives from our partners at Sim and Rolling Pictures.

Draft and submit your pitch

  • Full name of applicant

  • City 

  • Province

  • Email address 

  • Are you legally eligible to work in Canada? 

  • Introduce yourself and what you bring to the table. [max 500 characters]

  • What is the working title of your film? Feel free to include a tagline. [max 250 characters] 

  • Give us your elevator pitch. What's the gist? [max 600 characters] 

  • Who is the audience and why will they care? [max 450 characters] 

  • What will your film look like? What is the format and tone? [max 100 characters] 

  • Your resume with link to show reel of past works

  • Video and/or image samples (optional)

  • Proposed cast and crew and their bios (optional)

  • Proposed location (optional)

  • License status

  • Budget estimate

  • Other information


You will get an email confirming that we have received your pitch. 

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Thanks for submitting!

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