A Visual Ode to a Hare in the Woods

6mins - 2018 - Italy - English


Directed by Andrea Marini
Produced by Antonella Scoliero
Composing by Daniele de Virgilio
Cinematography by Emanuele Zarlenga
Edited by Andrea Marini

From the beginning of time, to the creation of a dish, a Visual Ode to a Hare in the Woods (in six acts) takes the audience through a visionary journey inside of what is the essence of one of Massimo Bottura’s most controversial dish.

The story starts from the idea of space, the absence of everything that gets transformed into a first solid matter, from there the film moves across different eras that resonate with the distinct flavours of such a complex and layered dish. Here the raw ingredients live in a constant state of transformation almost beyond time and space.

The film takes inspiration from the sixteenth century paintings as well as contemporary art, depending on the various aspects that characterise this dish, and it culminates with Massimo Bottura’s creation as a piece of art that doesn’t necessarily need to be explained.

Oct 4


Screening with "A God in Each Lentil"

Location: The Royal Cinema,  608 College St. Toronto

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