two down

Canadian Premiere - 6mins - 2019 - United Kingdom - English 


Directed by Rolfin Nyhus

Produced by Aneet Nijjar

Written by Rolfin Nyhus

Cinematography by Toby Weston

Edited by Ed Coltman

DIGGSY, 20-something, is a hard-working but unam- bitious lackey working six days a week for an un- appreciative proprietor. One of the cafe’s regulars is Derek, 50-60. A pretentious wally with an inflated sense of self-worth who considers himself to be an erudite autodidact.

DEREK frequents the cafe daily to sip coffee, show off his knowledge and help Diggsy complete the cross- word, despite the fact the activity is having adverse effects on Diggsy’s customer service.

MARTIN, 35-45, is a straight-talking builder that works on a nearby construction site. His ability to ‘tell it as he sees it’ inadvertently winds Derek up as the pair become embroiled in a discussion about the definition of broiling.

Two Down is a slice of these characters lives, one day in a monotonous chain of others where the only thing changing is the date on the newspaper.

Oct 5


Screening at "Shorts Program"

Location: The Royal Cinema,  608 College St. Toronto

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