Rooted in North American Harvest

Supper Club with Taylor Parker


Exploring the idea of a truly North American cuisine and with the characteristic taste and flavour imparted by the landscape, Taylor Parker and guest chef, turn to our indigenous culinary heritage for inspiration.

With a range of ingredients harvested by Chef Parker based on experiences foraging with his father on the Six Nations Reserve. Chef Parker will transform these ingredients into an unforgettable meal that evokes the story of adventure and the land we all share. This unique dining experience weaves together the spirit of the hunter and forager, the farmer and chef.



Sweet Grass Smoked Trout Croquette with mushroom and cranberry.

Braised Boar with peach and plum over chard corn, squash and wild rice. 

Fingerling, Tomato, Asparagus, crispy Boar Salad. 

Fry Bread Taco, with venison, lyed corn, beans, cheese and greens. 

Gin poached pear, wild bergamot Sorbet + honey comb wild rice. 


Some ingredients may change based on seasonality/availability. 

$60 + HST

Gratuities not included. 


Taylor Parker

Taylor Parker is from Six Nations Native Reserve in Ontario where he inherited an extensive knowledge of native plants and foraged foodstuffs from his parents. Taylor has spent much of his professional life working in a diverse range of professional kitchens. Taylor currently runs MT Hospitality Ltd. where he enjoys bringing like-minded Chefs together to feed our neighbours.

SAT, Oct 5


Location: The Depanneur

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