Sweet and Bitter

sweet and bitter

North American Premiere - 20mins - 2018 - Japan - Japanese - English Subtitles


Directed by Showsuke Doe

Produced by Miki Nakamura

Written by Showsuke Doe


Yasumi’s father died suddenly and what he left behind… was Yasumi café. 

Yasumi took over the café but changed the menu and the coffee beans that his father used for decades to offerings that were his personal favorites. This resulted in losing customers causing the café to struggle to stay afloat.

One day he finds an old notebook containing original recipes and guides on how to make the perfect coffee. However, as Yasumi reads through his father’ notebook he also finds out his father’s regrets for making it hard on him and his father’s dream to stand at the café’s bar alongside him.

Reading through and understanding the true intentions of his father, he now realized how important the time that he spent with his father was and he decides to turn down an offer to sell the café.

Oct 5


Screening at "Shorts Program"

Location: The Royal Cinema,  608 College St. Toronto

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