Red Chef Revival

Red chef revival: Prince rupert

22mins - 2019 - Canada - English

Directed by Danny Berish

Written by Trevor Caroll

Produced by Jasleen Kaur, Priyanka Desai, Ryan Mah

Cinematography by Ryan Mah

Edited by Danny Berish, Ryan Mah, Lon Gross

Mixed by Marianne Thodas

Host Shane Chartrand explores the iconic North Pacific Cannery on Canada’s West Coast. A place where Chinese, Indigenous and Japanese communities converged. Struggling to connect with his own identity, Shane cooks a traditional seal meat stew, gets a hand poked tattoo and prepares a salmon tasting menu.


RED CHEF REVIVAL, is an intimate 6 x 22 minute food and travel show exploring modern Indigenous cuisine, through the eyes of three chefs; New York Times featured, Cezin Nottaway, Top Chef finalist, Rich Francis and Chopped finalist Shane Chartrand. Using food as their access point, these chefs discover a new path to reconciliation. RED CHEF REVIVAL features ingredients you won't find in any cookbooks, like bison heart, beaver tail, moose nose, seal and cougar. More than a cooking show, this is a people’s story on a plate.

Oct 5


Screening with "Hiro's Table"

Location: The Royal Cinema,  608 College St. Toronto

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