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5 Questions with Director Jacqueline Godbout

"All the people that inspire me right now, are the ones creating art in whatever way they can."

Jacqueline Godbout is a Toronto based actor/ filmmaker. After acting in several indie film projects, she decided to take a stab at writing/ directing/ co-producing her first film: Cheat Meal. Turns out, it's great fun and she looks forward to continuing her career as a filmmaker! 

How do you see the industry in 6 months? Where do you see yourself in 6 months?

JG: Hmmmmm, 6 months from now... well, the future is quite unknown- especially in these times! I hope that we continue exploring safe ways to make our art and tell our stories. I hope to be working on some fulfilling and exciting projects as an actor, and starting the pre-production process for my next film as a filmmaker! I think the need for art and connection are more important now than ever. I think I will have to be more creative as a filmmaker with how I can tell my story in the safest possible way. 

Often positive changes can arise from hardship, What would you like to see come out of 2020?

JG: It's been a wild ride! I would like to see everyone come out of 2020 with more empathy and care for one-another. I've been thinking more and more about how much we really need each other, and how much we need community. I hope that we have all think on this. The only way we can grow and take steps forward is by lifting each other up, listening to each other, and taking action. Nothing good comes from selfishness and greed.

What have you been doing to stay creative?

JG: To stay creative in this challenging time, I allowed myself to explore whatever my heart felt curious about. To me that was my love of singing and music! And also writing my next film...

Do you have any upcoming projects?

JG: Yes! I co-wrote, co-produced, and act in the upcoming short film The Uncanny Valley which is just finishing post production now. I am writing my next film which is still in early stages. Recently, my indie feature film (that I am one of the leads in) has been released on Amazon Prime Video! It's called A Girl, A Boy, A Penny, and a very, very Long Road. Check it out!!

Who is someone who is doing something you love right now and why?

JG: I think we are all just trying to find our footing again in this very strange time, or at least I am. All the people that inspire me right now, are the ones creating art in whatever way they can. Whether it be at home concerts that they perform and put online, dance performances done in backyards and living rooms, filming short films with a small group of artists (safely). We're all trying to figure this out, and hats off to any artist at this time! 

Look out for Jacqueline Godbout's "Cheat Meal" this fall at this year's Toronto Food Film Fest. Oct 16-25th, 2020.


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