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5 Questions with Mindfulness Expert Trish Tutton

"When we’re kind to ourselves, we can be kind to others. Many of us, if not all, are struggling in some way."

Trish is a speaker and mindfulness teacher who is on a mission to help you be calmer, happier and more effective in your life and work. She has taught thousands of people how to live happier using mindfulness techniques.

How do you see the industry in 6 months? Where do you see yourself in 6 months?

TT: I think that the meditation and mindfulness community is going to continue to support people during this challenging time, to find a sense of inner peace as the world continues to go through a very uncertain and chaotic time. With regards to the speaking industry, I think that more than ever, events and conferences will be looking for wellness speakers to help support people through this time. In 6 months I’ll be just wrapping up writing my first book(!) and hopefully doing some in person speaking again to small groups!

Often positive changes can arise from hardship, What would you like to see come out of 2020?

TT: I would love to see people take a close look at their lives and ask themselves - what’s really important to me? In the rush of a busy world, we can easily get off track. Find ourselves in work, relationships and circumstances that make us feel tired, drained and uninspired.

This pandemic is an opportunity to wake up to the fact that we don’t have control over the quantity of our life - how long we’re here for - but we can choose our actions and attitudes and we’re always in a place of choice.

What do you really want in your life - and what’s stopping you from going after it?

What have you been doing to stay creative?

TT: My personal meditation practice keeps my mind spacious and clear (for the most part!), and open for creativity. I also love to listen to podcasts with people I find inspiring. My community also inspires me as well as other entrepreneurs.

What can we, the people of Toronto, do to help?

TT: You can help yours and our collective mental health in a few ways:

Slow down: in a world where we are all rushing, stressed and burnt out, slowing down can be a radical act. It can also lower anxiety (which is contagious itself), and give you more time and space to respond, instead of react. Less reactions means less arguments, frustrations, and more peace.

Be kind: Know that what we are going through right now is a marathon - not a sprint. Be kind to yourself when you have an off day, or are feeling overwhelmed. Do something for yourself that will make you feel just slightly better. When we’re kind to ourselves, we can be kind to others. Many of us, if not all, are struggling in some way. Can you be a bit more patient, a bit more kind to each other?

Who is someone who is doing something you love right now and why?

TT: I’ve recently started following and supporting the Black Health Alliance out of Toronto. They have launched a Black Entrepreneur Mental Health Initiative (Mental Health and Entrepreneurship being passions of mine) and are connecting 100 Black entrepreneurs with free mental health therapy sessions! I think this is an amazing initiative and will be so supportive to these entrepreneurs.

Sign up for Trish's meditation sessions at this year's Toronto Food Film Fest:

Saturday, Oct 17th 11:00am – 11:45am

Saturday, Oct 24th 11:00am – 11:45am


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