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5 Questions with Director JR Reid

"I see the doc film industry stronger than ever as we have so many important stories to tell."

JR Reid is the director and multidisciplinary video artist behind Motioneer, with over fifteen years experience in the commercial advertising and filmmaking industries. He's a storyteller who works collaboratively to transform how stories are told to entertain and engage audiences.

How do you see the industry in 6 months? Where do you see yourself in 6 months?

JR: I think we’ll be working more? lol. But seriously, I see the doc film industry stronger than ever as we have so many important stories to tell. And personally I hope to be in post production on my first feature doc that i’m currently in production on called “All Day.”  

Often positive changes can arise from hardship, What would you like to see come out of 2020?

JR: I hope the industry creates more opportunities for under-represented voices and have decision makers actively seeking out talent and content created by BIPOC.

What have you been doing to stay creative?

JR: I’ve been working on a feature documentary that started when the pandemic hit. It started as a simple story about the impact of the shutdown on the restaurant industry in Toronto but has evolved to talk about the wider systemic issues that have plagued the industry for decades.

How has your world view changed?

JR: I feel like I’ve always been an optimistic person, but it’s harder than ever to see the glass half full. In recent years I’ve been educating myself on climate change and food waste, which are incredibly important subjects but my eyes have never been more open to the systemic racism in every industry and institution around the world. The more you learn and watch what’s happening everyday the more depressing it gets but there’s a lot of inspiring people out there who are leading the way. 

Who is someone who is doing something you love right now and why?

JR: This person isn’t in the film industry or an activist. It’s my partner who’s carrying our first child. She’s been the rock who’s always encouraged me to follow my passions and someone that pushed me to do better. Looking forward to raising a kid with her and teaching our son not to be an asshole. 

Look out for JR Reid's "Make Love: Horton Ridge" this fall at Toronto Food Film Fest. Oct 16-25th, 2020.


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