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924 College Street


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Panels+Workshops:  $10

Beer Tasting:                 $30

Scotch Tasting:             $50

Student, Senior and Group discounts available. 

Friday, Oct 4th

Directing for Documentary Round Table

3:10pm-4:40pm - More Info - Buy Tickets

Location: The Super Wonder Gallery

Always been curious about the intricacies of how to put a carefully crafted documentary together? How do you interview to coax the story out of your subjects? How do you make the right decisions on format, style and all of the other choices that are made? Join us for a round table conversation with JR Reid (Motioneer), Abby Ainsworth (Stage: The Culinary Internship), and more.

Beer Tasting (ft. Peat Brothers)

4:30pm-6:00pm - More Info - Buy Tickets

Location: The Emmet Ray

The Peat Brothers have studied beer since they were in high school. After years of crafting and drinking a lot of beer, they are now master craft brewers with accolades and awards. They will walk us through the art of beer tasting and we get to sample their latest creation from Longslice. 

#WasteNot: Sustainability in the Food Industry

5:10pm-6:40pm - More Info - Buy Tickets

Location: The Super Wonder Gallery


The complexity of the global food supply system impacts us all. This multifaceted structure is affected and has effects on climate change. Food waste, pesticides,  animal waste disposal,  and product transportation to name a few, can all add up to a large carbon footprint. But there are ways to live more sustainably and reduce our individual carbon footprints.  Join passionate speakers to learn what the food industry is doing to eat more sustainably.


Location: The Super Wonder Gallery


There's no doubt that starting your own business takes a lot of work. Local
restaurant owners and experts, tell their stories on new beginnings and struggles in an industry
full of hope. Moderated by Michelle Jobin, they’ll share their stories and offer insight to the audience.

Opening Soon: Myths of Starting your own Restaurant

12:45pm-2:15pm - More Info - Buy Tickets

Location: The Super Wonder Gallery


People have been predicting the demise of movie theaters for decades and yet it is still a multi-billion dollar industry.  Join industry leaders and experts as they discuss what the future of film looks like from the latest technology and digital ethics to diversity and sustainability efforts. 

Better Popcorn: The Future of Film

2:45pm-4:15pm - More Info - Buy Tickets

Location: The Emmet Ray


The Emmet Ray is one of the best-known whisk(e)y establishments in the city. With over 230 varieties of whisk(e)y and counting, they believe “everyone should drink whisk(e)y and be able to afford it.” With their expertise, they walk guests through different types of scotch, how to distinguish them and what to pair with them. 

Scotch Tasting

4:30pm-6:00pm - More Info - Buy Tickets