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Nutritionist Hema Ramsingh guides you through the process of making your own kombucha at home. This two-part workshop will feature an assortment Blink Teas. In part one you’ll learn about the health benefits of this probiotic drink and start brewing! After a week of fermentation part two will walk you through how to flavour this sparkling beverage. Scoby and starter kit is provided with the admission to this workshop if you live in Toronto. Seats are limited so buy your ticket before October 10th to ensure delivery of your kit!

You will receive a Kombucha Kit that includes: 

Coffee filters

Elastic bands

Tea bags 

SCOBY with starter liquid

1x 500ml jar

1x 500ml flip top bottle

You will need access to: 

¼ cup white sugar or cane sugar

Boiling water

Any small amounts of fresh fruit, fruit juice or other flavouring like fresh ginger

Students will get a digital recipe, equipment needs and set up instructions after registration.

Students must come with their ingredients pre-measured and equipment pre-pulled as per listed on the program packages. 


Hema Ramsingh Bio

Hema is a Toronto-based nutritionist, workshop facilitator, wellness educator, speaker and part-time traveler.


As a Certified Nutritional Practitioner, Hema shares simple at home cooking tips, tricks and recipes through her website: Nomadic Nutritionist.  Whether you need help navigating the grocery store or farmers market, want to hold a cooking class with a few of your besties or figure out how to fit meal prep into your already busy lifestyle, she can guide you! 

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Part 1: Saturday, Oct 17th 1:00pm – 1:45pm

Part 2: Saturday, Oct 24th 1:00pm – 1:45pm

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