Donut shop

Canadian Premiere - 15mins - 2016 - United States - English Subtitles 


Directed by Rob Riutta

Produced by Cassandra Jabola, Rob Riutta

Composing by Davin Agatep

Cinematography by Robert Ruitta

Edited by Rob Riutta


Sam Ath Eath owns a donut shop in Oakland, California. The people who pass through his shop have no idea that the quiet man who makes their breakfast grew up on a Cambodian farm and struggled to become a doctor, only to have his dreams and family destroyed by the Khmer Rouge genocide. Facing obstacles with grit and perseverance, he survived and eventually escaped to the United States. Settling in the Bay Area without a good grasp of the English language, he learned to make donuts, and opened his own shop. An estimated 70-80% of donut shops in the state of California are owned and operated by Cambodian-Americans. Unable to continue as a doctor, Sam decided to become a social worker in San Francisco's impoverished Tenderloin neighborhood. His philosophy is that educating youth is the key to their success in life and in improving their communities. Today, he inspires with his smile and unconquerable spirit - and still serves donuts.

Oct 5


Screening at "Shorts Program"

Location: The Royal Cinema,  608 College St. Toronto

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