A collective of talented chef-friends with diverse backgrounds and eclectic sensibilities bring a lifetime of global travel and food experiences to The Dep. Global flavours meet local ingredients, fresh perspectives and classic techniques… the result is your new favourite brunch! @savor_popup

Shakshuka 12  (v)
Eggs poached in spicy tomato sauce, with housemade goat cheese crumbs, crispy baguette, cilantro 


Arepa 14  (GF)
Slow-cooked pulled pork on an open-face corn masa bun with pickled red onion, chunky pineapple salsa and lime-cilantro-jalapeno sauce.

Carbonara 13
Spaghetti with poached egg, crispy pancetta, chilli flakes, in a creamy garlic sauce.

Roasted Zucchini 13 (V)
Creamy scrambled egg with chives, spread over crispy baguette alongside roasted zucchini with marinated diced tomatoes. (available #vegan)

Apple Bread Pudding 6
With dulce de leche

Sub GF Chickpea Focaccia for baguette +$2

Ask about our Kids’ plate



Roasted Potatoes 4

Chickpea Focaccia 4

Pulled Pork 6

Baby Mix Salad 4

Housemade Pickles 4



Bottomless Coffee 3

Orange Juice 4

First come, first serve. 


Alex | @Alexseo_here
A multicultural food lover who fell in love with culinary arts in one of the most diverse cities around the world. For me, cooking is all about passion. My goal is to deliver a bit of that passion to people through my dishes. The idea is to put smile on people’s faces and to make them feel nurtured. French cuisine ignited a spark in my soul long time ago.

Melanie | @that_acadian_girl
“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” (Hippocrates). Real food nourishes my body. For years now, I have been advocating whole foods. Being a vegetarian for over 20 years and having traveled to over 50 countries, I have discovered tastes and cooking skills that nothing in a box or a can has to offer. I’d like to share my love of whole foods and what you can do with it.

Shane |  @chefshaine_n
I grew up in the hills of Jamaica with my family who are farmers. Life is simple and as the eldest child, I would always help my grandparents out on the farm as much as I could. When I am home, I am always next to my mother in the kitchen cooking up some tasty dishes. This trend of always being in the kitchen I think is what drove me to attend chef school and doing further studies.

SAT, Oct 5


Location: The Depanneur

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