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Q: When is the Toronto Food Film Fest?

A: The 2019 Toronto Food Film Fest runs Friday, Oct 4th and Saturday, Oct 5th in Little Italy.


Q: What is the Toronto Food Film Fest all about?

A: The Toronto Food Film Fest is truly a celebration of independent film making, food and culture!


There are four partnered venues: The Royal Cinema (608 College St), The Depanneur (1033 College St), Super Wonder Gallery (584 College St) & The Emmet Ray (924 College St).


We have an amazing line up of films, workshops, panels and curated meals. To wrap it all up, there will be a closing party not to be missed!


Q: What is a Food Film Festival?

A: Great question! Our Food Film Festival is focused on films about food. So much of our cultural identity is embedded in what we eat. Think about your childhood memories, you can probably remember what your grandma’s house smelled like when she was cooking on a Sunday afternoon, or what you ate on your first date with the person who is now your spouse. When you travel, trying the local cuisine is a highlight! We want to celebrate all of these story-telling moments, good or bad, that surround food.


Q: Where can we buy tickets and how much are they?

A: Tickets to all programming can be purchased at or at the box office the day of the festival, pending availability. Film screenings are $14 each (with discounted senior, student and group rates), panels are $10 and workshops and meals are various prices. An invite to the closing awards party is included with the purchase of any ticket, but we do have a maximum capacity so come early!

Q: How many film screenings will there be?

A: There are 6x fabulous film screenings from local and international filmmakers. Screenings are open to a combination of shorts, features, documentaries and dramas!  Movie goers have the option of purchasing a delicious paired snack at the theatre to enjoy during each screening.


Q:  What is the opening night feature presentation?

A: Opening night we’ll be screening ‘A God in Each Lentil’(Spain, 94min) dir. Miguel Ángel Jiménez. This is paired with short ‘A Visual Ode to a Hare in the Woods in 6 Acts’ (Italy, 6min) Andrea Marini. 


A God in Each Lentil is an indispensable and delightful view of the gastronomic universe of the inland parts of Alicante by Chef Kiko Moya and his family.


Q: What is the closing night feature presentation?

A: We’ll be closing the festival with a screening of ‘Stage: The Culinary Internship’ (Canada, 78min) dir. Abigail Ainsworth. This is paired with short ‘Advances’ (Canada, 7min) dir. Tyler J. Seguin.


Stage (verb; pronounced “stazhje”) is a French term for an unpaid position where a cook works in a restaurant to learn the techniques and styles of a certain chef, restaurant or region.


Stage: The Culinary Internship, follows a group of culinary interns as they navigate their way through one of the best restaurants in the world, Mugaritz.


Q: Will there be awards for filmmakers?

A: Yes! Sim Video International Inc. has offered a $5,000 (CAD) prize for the Best Feature Film, Grande Camera has offered a $1,000 (CAD) prize for the Best Short Film and Rolling Pictures has offered a $5,000 (CAD) prize for People's Choice Awards  at the Toronto Food Film Fest 2019! 


The awards will be presented on Saturday, Oct 5th, 2019 at the Closing award party. Location: Super Wonder Gallery (584 College St).


Q: Will there be food & drink?

A: Yes! So much food & drink! They can try a limited edition beer created by Toronto award winning brewer, Longslice. Unique and delicious meals will be curated at The Depanneur both Friday and Saturday evenings. Oh, and at each film screening patrons can purchase delicious paired snacks!


Q: When will we know more details about the meals offered at The Depanneur?

A: We’ve partnered with The Depanneur to offer unique dinning experiences! Chef’s and menus will be announced in September. Tickets will go on sale to the public at that time for these events.


Q: What is the Toronto Food Film Fest doing to reduce our footprint?

A: We’ve partnered with Rethink Resource, Canada’s most comprehensive and environmentally friendly waste management company, on a journey to zero waste. Using fully compostable serving containers throughout the event, Rethink Resource will divert waste from the landfill.


We’ve also scheduled an exciting panel, ‘#WasteNot’. Join passionate speakers Michelle Genttner of Unboxed Market, Ryan Crawford of Backhouse, Shane Harker of ReThink Resource and John Morris of 360 The Restaurant at the CN Tower, as they tell their stories and reveal the revolutionary sustainable practices they are implementing to make a positive environmental impact on the global food supply system. Trust us when we say each one of these talented individuals is doing some really cool shit.


In addition, Sarah Margolius of Sustainable Media Production Canada will be inspiring filmmakers on the ‘Better Popcorn: The Future of Film’ panel to think about how to make their next production an environmentally friendly place!


Q: What is the Toronto Food Film Fest doing about accessibility?

A: We have consulted with Reel Access Discovery Forum through Inside Out on improving accessibility throughout the event. We will be implementing many of the initiatives and will be promoting our efforts to inspire others.


Q: Where can I find the festival on social media?

A: Toronto Food Film Fest can be found on Instagram @torontofoodfilmfest, on Twitter @TOfoodfilmfest and on Facebook @torontofoodfilmfest. The official hashtag of the festival is #TFFF2019.

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